Our Vision

All of us at H.I.S. Hose aim to be the most ethical, effective and efficient company in Australia across the full range of products and services we supply whilst providing a satisfactory return to all stakeholders.

Mission Statement

As a specialist solutions and service provider to industry, to achieve our vision we must:

  • Maintain a certified quality management system that benefits our customers and ourselves.
  • Always endeavour to exceed our customer’s needs and expectations and encourage every employee at H.I.S. Hose to strive for customer satisfaction without compromising quality or profitability.
  • Provide adequate training across all aspects of our business for our staff and create an environment where employees can continually learn and grow and increase our efficiency and productivity.
  • Maintain a trusted and reliable network of suppliers of market-leading products who share our business goals.
  • Encourage environmental awareness across all aspects of the company’s operations.
  • Actively seek ongoing development of our people, products and processes.

We endeavour to continually improve on all of the above whilst ensuring the company meets all its legal and legislative obligations.